Take Action on May 8th

Tens of thousands stand up for students

On May 8th, tens of thousands of educators, families, students, and supporters took to the streets across Oregon to stand up for students and call on lawmakers to fund our schools.


Our schools are in crisis.

From early childhood through higher education, students deserve schools that can give them every opportunity to thrive.

Educators across the state will be taking action on May 8th because decades of disinvestment mean that Oregon’s students have to navigate some of the largest average class sizes in the nation, missing out on individualized attention from their teachers and educators.

As Oregon’s teachers, support professionals, nurses, counselors, librarians, parents, and supporters, we are our students’ biggest advocates. We must stand up for them and make sure that lawmakers fix the crisis unfolding in our schools.

Lawmakers must invest in students. Send a message to your legislator to tell them they must increase resources for students before school is out.


News Coverage of May 8th Actions

School districts around the state have announced closures in advance of this action, including Portland, Woodburn, Lake Oswego, Eugene, Bethel, North Clackamas, Gladstone, Gresham-Barlow, Corbett, Oregon City, Parkrose, David Douglas, West Linn-Wilsonville, Beaverton and more to come.

When educators stand together for students, we win.


What do students need?

Oregon’s K-12 schools need at least $10.7 billion so educators and school districts are able to serve students. Lawmakers must invest in our students and our future.

Oregon’s community colleges need a budget of $787 million to adequately serve their students by restoring programs, filling staffing positions.

We know Oregon needs to invest in our schools, not make cuts. With more resources we’d be able to provide every student more individual attention, programs to encourage creativity and learning, and community services to address their unmet needs.

Educators and public school families are standing up for:

Full funding for public education so that students will have:

  • Smaller class sizes so students don’t miss out on the one-on-one attention they need and deserve to thrive today and in the future

  • Restored music, arts, PE, and CTE programs so that students can have a full educational experience

  • More teachers, school counselors, nurses, librarians, and educational support professionals to support students’ success

  • Bringing back educators and programs to our higher education institutions to provide a well-rounded education from early childhood through adulthood


The state of Oregon schools:

What do decades of disinvestment mean?

Low graduation rates, large class sizes, and schools in crisis:

  • Oregon has one of the largest average class sizes in the nation. These large class sizes make it difficult — if not impossible — for students to receive the individual attention they deserve. Schools also lack teaching assistants and other professional supports in the classrooms and school buildings.

  • Oregon has the third lowest high school graduation rate in the country.

  • Oregon has half the school counselors than nationally recommended staffing levels.

  • 94% of teachers spend money out of their own pockets on classroom supplies to make up the difference between what their students need and what districts can provide.


Take action.

Lawmakers can fix the crisis in our schools by investing in our students and our future.

It’s time to turn around thirty years of disinvestment that have left Oregon’s educators, students, and public school families behind.

What you can do:

  1. Tell your legislators to invest in schools.

  2. Join us on May 8th!

  3. Share on social media with people you know: